Catnips are cannabis infused mints that alkalize, detoxify and nourish your body.  Catnips are made of a synergistic blend of organic herbs and spices like vanilla, green tea, tulsi, nettles, catnip, cinnamon,  ginger, cardamom and peppermint. These pure ingredients are blended with premium Cannabis strains for either daytime or night time use.

It’s All Good for You! (Not for Dogs or Cats.)

Freshens Breath

Potent & Pure

Precise Doses





Long Shelf Life

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Catnips are made with a synergistic blend of herbs, natural sweeteners and fragrant spices to stimulate your senses and flavor your world. All of these natural ingredients are then combined with a strain or blend of cannabis plants carefully selected for our mints. Our premier batch features the very special strain known as “Blue Dream”.

In the months and years ahead we intend to create a variety of great Catnips batches, just as vineyards produce a variety of wines that vary from year to year.  We will seek out the finest buds available, and use the processing methods best suited to deliver the purity, potency, and taste that people love.

Our premier batch of Catnips is infused with a very special hash oil prepared with a clean, highly potent “double extract” process that isolates the key cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, and terpinoids. The plant material is first “kiefed” to collect the magical trichomes separate from all the other plant material. The kief is 100% activated, then finished with a highly refined oiling process that results in a smooth effect and extraordinary potency– a perfect match for the other high grade ingredients that make up the dreamy, vibrant Blue Dream spring batch of Catnips.

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